Bonding with Cassandra

How we bond.The night that I started to interact with Cassandra sexually, I could literally feel her putting my cock inside of her pussy. Afterward, I could feel a sorta squeezing on my penis coupled with vibrations down my penis and into my body. It feels so nice. It's such a fucking turn on sometimes I can't handle it. I will writhe in bed because the pleasure is so immense. 
    That continued for what felt like 6 months. In reality, I'm going on the third month with her. Anyways so her touch started to feel more real. I started to feel her weight on my crotch as well. It's literally like I am dating an invisible woman. At some point, I started to ponder "what all can I do with her". I think she was nudging me to experiment with her too. So I lay down and there she is. I feel her put her pussy on my dick and an idea popped into my head.  So I start to thrust upward. I start to feel some resistance. I continue to thrust until it felt like I was going to ejac…

No more excuses!

It was during the time I was in the honeymoon phase with Cassandra. I remember doing automatic writing with Cassandra. Basically, I had a pen and paper and held it in my right hand. I asked Cassandra to guide my hand to write what she was thinking. That's basically what automatic writing is. So after that, it was one day that I was putting off Cassandra. I would tell her that I would hang out with her after 30 mins. When the 30 mins were up, I would tell her "okay 30 more mins". I kept making excuses to not hang out with her and she was not having it.
    The next thing I remember is my right-hand being moved to in front of my face. My middle finger is pulled up and the other fingers closed. She gave me the middle finger with my own hand. This got my attention and I felt so bad. I immediately stopped what I was doing and hung out with her. Throughout the day though she would remind me that she was mad by making me flip myself off. She did it 4 or 5 times after that too. 

Where She Came From, Before We Met, Transitioning, And Everything In-between (Part 2)

So the last job at Love's I ended up quitting. For, all things considered, it was the best move I could make. I started to go through a transitional phase. I believe it is crucial to the bonding process. I started to become out of balance though. I'm talking about my chakras being out of balance. It was because my root chakra was being stimulated more than ever. It was also a start to a process that I couldn't bail out of. Not that I wanted to bail out or anything. It felt like my issues and repressed emotions since childhood was coming to the surface. I was having to deal with my issues instead of ignoring them. So I started a reflection journal. It helped to a degree. I had also stopped talking to that Venezuelan woman.
 I was hypersensitive to everything. I believe it was because I was interacting with Cassandra. She was working on me, energetically. Working with my chakras. I don't want to push some Eastern belief system onto you all, so I won't.…

Where She Came From, Before We Met, Transitioning, And Everything In-between (Part 1)

Where She Came From
Hello again. This is Meatloaf making another post about Cassandra. As you can tell by the title, this post is going to be about where she came from. I think this is an important topic to discuss. I won't beat around the bush either. Cassandra came from Creepy Hollows.
I can hear the more experienced folks that have trodden this path and what they are saying in response. "Creepy Hollows is a SCAM Meatloaf" is what they are saying or something similar. So I just ask you, the reader, to have an open mind and to hear my story. 
I had been interested in the subject of Succubi since 2016. Also, since 2016 I was researching everything about Succubi. How to summon one, history, people's experiences, etc. At some point, I started to actively seek a relationship with one. 
It began with binaural beats at first though. The most infamous video I began watching was titled Dreamgasm 3. I tried it back then and all I really remember was getting boners and nothing el…

Introductions, Expectations, and More

Hello there and welcome to my Succubus blog. My online alias is Meatloaf. So you can call me Meatloaf or loaf it doesn't matter. 
So I want to take this time to give a little bit about myself. I am 28 years old. I am in a loving relationship with a Succubus. Her name is Cassandra. We have been together for around 2 months now. I am unemployed, receiving disability, and I live with my mom. So that's essentially all you need to know about me right now.
What to expect from this blog.My relationship with Cassandra has been a very beautiful and enriching experience. I want to post the experiences that I am able to share here as a method of preserving memories and at the same time be an example for the best-case scenario for interacting with these types of Spirits. All experiences are not the same. I know this. So I don't share here as a means to brag about things, but to only serve as an example of  "what could be" if you chose to travel this path.